Easter and diabetes … how to handle the mess of Easter eggs?

We know that, in fact, Easter is not exactly the party Bunnies delivering eggs chocolates in the house, right? Religious festival, the date became (as it currently) absurdly commercial and it’s almost impossible not to get involved with the appeals to which we are exposed all the time. Easter Colomba, Easter cakes, bunnies, little eggs, lunch. It seems a similar nightmare with the year-end holidays, right? As if out (well) before so many delights? And our so adored chocolate? I decided to write this post because when I look back and I remember when I was a kid (already diabetic), lack of effective control probably made my blood sugar go up on high. Mainly because I did not like traditional chocolate, only the “white chocolate”, which we know really should not even be called chocolate because cocoa or has in its composition as well as being a real “bomb” of sugar. If I did not make carbohydrate counting, I imagine all hell breaks loose! Much has changed over these 35 who live with diabetes. My generation just could not eat sweets, bread, pasta. Today, with carbohydrate counting, diabetics lead a normal life by controlling diet, daily habits such as sleep, rest, physical activity, oral anti diabetic or insulin. And so we go far. Thus, you can be rather enjoy the good things of life, like everything that is offered at the time of Passover. What is true of aa life (and not just for this holiday) is balance, knowing that we have limits and they must be respected. Our thanks glucose. Diabetics can eat chocolates?

Chocolates can be part of our diet in moderation

Chocolates can be part of our diet in moderation

Many people find us, diabetics can not eat chocolate! Muuuuuita’ve heard people saying that he would die if he found out you are diabetic, because love sweets and can not live without chocolate. We care enough about the quantities consumed, for this delicacy is rich in sugars, fats, calories. And we can not afford to exaggerate in any of the three items! Of course the ideal is always, always talk to a nutritionist about your diet, along with the endocrine and set an amount for each diet, taking into account their exams, weight, activity …. so all is well controlled and we can take advantage ! If you are diabetic with blood glucose levels in order, yes eel can eat your delicious chocolate sparingly, with care to measure blood glucose, insulin apply if necessary. With the rhythm down, it becomes easier to see the nutritional values and therefore, behave in the time to “attack” a full bar:

CHOCOLATE MILK 25G CONTAINS: total fat 20% daily consumption Sugars 15g Calories 130kcal

What kind of chocolate is more advisable to consume diabetic? With nutritional information chocolate milk we just saw, is to imagine that an option with, if possible, less sugar would be ideal, does not it? And that chocolate is this? The most advisable chocolates for diabetics are those with a higher concentration of cocoa in its composition, the half-sour or bitter, very present in the Brazilian market currently. Rich in flavonoids (antioxidant substance that helps in heart protection) They are darker than the options to milk and have the strongest taste and bitter cocoa (depending on concentration). They have consequently a smaller amount of sugars and fats and believe me, bring an incredible fullness to that urge to eat a candy after meals! And the chocolate diet? Care! Contrary to what many think, the diet can not be consumed without moderation. The diets mostly has a smaller quantity of sugar or rather it has in its formula and some artificial sweetener, that is pleasant taste, have added a greater amount of fat than the traditional chocolate. For this reason, if I were asked which chocolate like to win this Easter, sure, I’d ask a bitter middle! 😉

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Reference sources: Universidade Católica Digital Diabeticool Revista Veja

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